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Rev. Charles Grande officiates weddings throughout Northern California. From the beautiful Napa and Sonoma Valleys to the Coastal regions of the Northern State to the quiet inland vistas of the Sacramento Delta he has been there to support and encourage couples on their very special day. He is pleased to work with couples in the preparation for what will be the major event of their relationship...Their Wedding. He possesses an MA in Theology and Psychology.

The ceremony will be the pivotal point of the day and set the tone not only for the reception that follows but also for the rest of their married lives. He has helped couples for many years in both traditional and non traditional settings. He is caring and sensitive to their needs, hopes and desires. While making suggestions that will make their wedding day truly memorial, he never imposes his insights or beliefs onto the bride and groom. It is his job to discover the spiritual or religious beliefs of each couple and to bring that forward in the ceremony. With his pastoral and psychological background he knows instinctively how to facilitate a truly memorial wedding ceremony. He understands that ministry is primarily service.

Many couples define themselves today as "spiritual but not religious". Although He receives many requests from couples with a Catholic background, his wedding ceremonies also include all faith traditions. He has officiated at Catholic, Protestant, Non-Denominational, Jewish, Interfaith and "Spiritual Not Religious" Ceremonies. Rev. Charles is very accepting of people and is always respectful of whatever orientation couples have in regard to their spiritual or religious circumstances. From those who have well defined spiritual and religious beliefs to those who have no articulated belief system he is not there to judge but to support.

There are no required classes or other stipulations that a couple must satisfy to have him solemnize their vows.

Our policy is one of non discrimination and we fully embrace all persons who call upon us for our services.

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The process begins with a meeting and sharing information which covers all the necessary components of a wedding ceremony. The setting is always friendly and informative. Most couples today desire a personalized ceremony.

Our initial meeting and planning session will cover the Wedding Packet which contains: